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01/17/2015 4:00 pm
01/17/2015 6:30 pm
America/New York

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Ferguson, MO...Sanford, FL...New York, NY...Cleveland, OH...and more

How do we, individually and collectively, challenge institutional racism in our own lives and communities? 

50 Years of Reflections from the Civil Rights Act to Ferguson, Missouri. sticky icon

10/02/2014 6:00 pm
10/02/2014 7:30 pm
America/New York

 Join us for a panel discussion with CCI's board of directors, reflecting and looking back at 50 years of movement work as board members share their own insights, observations, experiences and work over those five decades We will ponder where we are as a nation when it comes to matters of race and where we need to go. This panel kicks off our fall series and is for gathering and reconnecting with CCI staff, board and friends-old and new.

For more information please email shay@communitychangeinc.org or call Community Change Inc. at 617-523-0555.

[POSTPONED] Words to Actions: From the Front Lines of the Anti-Racist Movement.

12/04/2014 6:00 pm
12/04/2014 7:30 pm
America/New York

Our event tonight has been POSTPONED to make space for folks to attend the protest of the decision not to indict the cop who killed Eric Garner. We will leave Community Change Inc. at 6:40 p.m. and walk over to the larger gathering (Which starts at 7:00pm) - the Boylston Street entrance across from the movie theater.

Youth Voices! on Racial Justice: an Intergenerational Dialogue

11/13/2014 6:00 pm
11/13/2014 7:30 pm
America/New York

Join Community Change, Inc and Boston Mobilization's Sub/Urban Justice youth leaders for an interactive panel of youth and young adults sharing stories about how race and racism impacts their lives, reflecting on the role of youth in racial justice work and how people of different generations can best work together to create a more racially just world. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Democracy Center, 45 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA

Anti-Racism Theater.

11/03/2014 5:30 pm
11/03/2014 7:30 pm
America/New York

 Have you ever faced an uncomfortable situation where you tried to speak out or where you wish you would have spoken out against racism-outright or subtle-toward you or someone else? If so, please come to this anti-racism theater workshop where participants using role-play will gain confidence and "practice" speaking up/pushing back against racism/racial injustice. This workshop is led by Natali Freed, a performer/educator and past co-facilitator of White People Challenging Racism: Moving from Talk to Action.

Domestic Violence and Cultural Competency

10/16/2014 12:00 pm
10/16/2014 1:30 pm
America/New York

One of our monthly Brown Bag events, featuring Trisha Mah from the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, who will come and talk about the impact of systemic racism on survivors of domestic violence, as well as the structural barriers that prevent survivors, especially people of color, from receiving adequate care.

On Being a White Novelist

10/09/2014 6:00 pm
10/09/2014 7:30 pm
America/New York

 A talk by Cathy Jacobowitz about her journey toward racial self-awareness, why she chooses to write about characters of color, and the ways in which institutional racism plays out in contemporary fiction by white authors. Cathy is a Boston writer and member of the Knapsack discussion meet-up hosted by CCI.

DISCRIMINATION & YOUR RIGHTS: A brown bag luncheon with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

09/09/2014 12:00 pm
America/New York



SAVE THE DATE: Brown Bag Lunch Discussion with Donna Bivens and the Boston Busing Desegregation Project

07/29/2014 12:00 pm
America/New York

 SAVE THE DATE: July 29th, 12pm-1:30pm 

at the Yvonne Pappenheim Library, 14 Beacon St. Room 605, Boston

Frederick Douglass Communal Reading, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,

07/02/2014 12:00 pm
America/New York

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Community Change was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem." CCI has done what few organizations are willing to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color.

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