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You are hereWhat Others Say About Us

What Others Say About Us

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SHARON MARTINAS, founder of Challenging White Supremacy Workshop

"What attracts me to CCI so much is their model of doing anti-racist organizing as a white led organization. That model to includes:

  • a community based organization with a visible home office and public education space;
  • incredible longevity, having existed and worked continuously since 1968;
  • continuous highlighting of struggles for racial justice in their own community of Boston, as well as taking on national and international struggles against racism;
  • multi-racial racial justice speakers, themselves rooted in their own communities;
  • continuous highlighting of locally based organizations and organizers of color;
  • a huge racial justice lending library;
  • highlighting of anti-racist culture of music, poetry and films;
  • events planned both for working people (i.e., 'brown bag lunches) and for community people (evening and weekend events)."


DAVID HARRIS, Former Executive Director, The Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston

“(Our) work depends upon a very small number of organizations willing to confront the continuing racism that haunts us. Community Change stands out as our most consistent and reliable partner in this regard. Indeed, Community Change’s programmatic activities to expose and challenge racism often serve to break the ground for the rest of us working in the field…We at the Fair Housing Center know how difficult it is to survive as an organization that challenges the centers of power and leaders of those centers to confront the very operation of power. That Community Change has been doing this for so long is a tribute both to its staff and board but also to the continued importance of its mission. It is an organization we must all work to sustain. ”


BARBARA J. DOUGAN, Esq., Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights

"Through their programs, library, organizing, and collaborative efforts, Community Change educates us on the complex nature of racism, how it has embedded itself in our social institutions and national psyche. At the same time, CCI stimulates constituents to implement their learning through action. Their dual emphasis on education and action then allows the rest of us to carry out our work in a more effective and intelligent manner. I have met people of all ages, from very different walks of life, who have turned to Community Change for the highest quality anti-racist programming in the region. We need them to maintain their services so we can keep pushing forward on this most important journey.” 


JENNIFER WARD, CCI Intern, Boston College

“My experience at CCI has forever changed my life and helped me to align my interests and my passion. From the conversations and dialogue with CCI staff, networking with other antiracism activists, delving into the CCI resources, analyzing statistical data, being part of the Peace March, attending trainings delivered by CCI staff, I have begun to understand how structural racism and white privilege affect us all…Equally as important, my presence at CCI helped to identify how I was battling with internalized racism and has awakened my “consciousness” and lifelong commitment to antiracism action-oriented work.”


BARBARA BECKWITH, Facilitator: White People Challenging Racism

“Community Change has been an essential resource for us as co-facilitators (of the workshop ‘White People Challenging Racism’). CCI staffers have advised us on issues and difficult strategic challenges that have faced us while teaching the class. We’ve used CCI’s videos in our classes and for our own education. CCI’s library has helped us understand different issues faced by a wide range of people of color…I would call Community Change the ‘glue’ that connects anti-racist individuals to activist organizations they can join, as well as connecting anti-racists organizations to each other for mutual support. But glue is too static a word: ‘elasticity’ fits better CCI’s efforts in building an active network of organizations of color, of multi-racial groups, and of anti-racist white allies has the kind of synergy that’s needed to build a real movement.”


MICHAEL FLAHERTY, President of Boston City Council and Counselors FELIX D. ARROYO and SAM YOON

“CCI was founded on the belief that to create social justice the white community must engage in self-examination and support self-determination by communities of color…Be it resolved that The City of Boston would like to extend warm wishes and congratulations to Community Change inc. for its years of service…"


About CCI

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Community Change was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem." CCI has done what few organizations are willing to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color.

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