Friends of Community Change, Inc.

What is “Friends of Community Change”?

Friends of Community Change is a community of people committed to supporting the racial justice mission of Community Change, Inc. as both ambassadors of our work and donors to our organization. Please join us!

We ask four things of our Friends:

  • Make an annual financial contribution at an amount meaningful to you
  • Attend at least one CCI-related event each year
  • Introduce at least one person to our Friends Circle each year
  • Call or email us back when we call or email you

Why become a Friend of Community Change?

Community Change, Inc. (CCI) is almost 50 years young! We sustain ourselves through the generosity and commitment of our community. By joining Friends of Community Change, you will continue a proud legacy and help strengthen and grow our anti-racism work in these critical times. In addition, you will receive:

  • Regular communication and updates from CCI
  • Books by local Racial Justice authors and/or CCI gear as “thank yous” for your support
  • Discounts for ticketed CCI events
  • Special invitations to come early or stay late to talk with panelists, speakers or each other at these events

To become our Friend, click here.