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You are hereOrganizing for Racial Equity

Organizing for Racial Equity

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CCI does not lead organizing campaigns but supports and works with multi-racial groups taking action. Our focus is on social systems that are particularly affected by racism such as:

  • health care and health outcomes
  • education
  • law enforcement and criminal justice
  • housing
  • jobs
  • employment
  • voter rights
  • environmental justice
  • immigration

CCI's role in organizing is multi-faceted and includes:

  • providing critical analysis of the ways in which structural racism is operating within a system. Though many people recognize that reform is needed, the role structural racism plays in keeping injustice locked in is not always evident - particularly in a society in which racism, white power and privilege are not discussed.
  • developing and supporting collaboration among people and organizations working on common issues
  • participating in the activities of campaigns by staffing rallies, attending press conferences, testifying at hearings
  • documenting, preparing and disseminating notes for planning and action meetings
  • recruiting CCI members to participate in campaigns as they are able by showing up at rallies and demonstrations, writing letters to political leaders, etc.

Our organizing work with white people in organizations is focused on

  • increasing the participation of people of color in decision-making processes;
  • redistributing and reallocating resources in more equitable ways;
  • redefining "the problem" in ways that include the reality of communities of color; and

adapting and adopting standards that reflect diverse cultural ways and build racial inclusion and equality.


About CCI

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Community Change was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem." CCI has done what few organizations are willing to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color.

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