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Trainers / Consultants

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CCI trainers and consultants generally work in racially diverse teams in an effort to provide a range of perspectives and experience to their work. It is rare, therefore, for CCI trainers and consultants to work alone. Occasionally, when client groups are working in identity-based settings, however, a single trainer who shares the racial identity of that group may work singly.



Paul Marcus, CCI's Executive Director, is a white anti-racist activist, educator and consultant. A biology teacher for sixteen years, Paul combined science with concern for anti-racism and multicultural education in independent schools. He has had extensive experience planning and conducting workshops and trainings for wide variety of non-profit and corporate clients. Together with organizers and educators from all across the country, he works to understand and challenge the role white people play in perpetuating and maintaining white supremacy, racism and white privilege. He taught the “History of Racism in the United States of America” at Boston College for many years. A master teacher for the Critical Skills/Education by Design program at Antioch New England Graduate School, Paul trains teachers to develop a collaborative learning community methodology.



Donna Bivens, has done racial equity consulting and training with Community Change, Inc. for over 10 years.

Donna currently works as Project Director of the Boston Busing/Desegregation Project at the Union of Minority Neighborhoods (UMN). Before working at UMN, she served many years as co-director of the Women’s Theological Center in Boston, a center of women’s theological education grounded in social action. 

Donna has worked with scores of organizations around the country to help facilitate their creation of diverse, inclusive, equitable, culturally competent and high-performing organizations. Her racial equity work focuses on systemic racism, class and internalized racism. HEr publications include “Flipping the Script: White Privilege andCommunity Building” (co-author), “The Possibility of Transformation: 25 Years Later,” in the bookEducation as Liberation “Internalized Racism: A Definition” and “Struggling through Injury in the Work of Love” (co-author).


Donna Bivens

Boston Busing/Desegregation Project Director

42 Seaverns AvenueJamaica Plain, Ma 02130
Paul Marcus and Donna Bivens make up CCI's primary training and consulting team. Depending on demand and availability, however, they are prepared to work with equally skilled colleagues in the CCI network.


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Community Change was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem." CCI has done what few organizations are willing to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color.

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