Raising David Walker: A Staged Reading

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Community Change plays host to The David Walker Memorial Project (DWMP) (www.davidwalkermemorial.org), which is dedicated to honoring and increasing public knowledge of David Walker, a visionary African American community leader and activist in early 19th century Boston and an unsung hero of the abolitionist movement. 

Horace Seldon receives prestigious Salem Award!!

03/26/2013 7:30 pm
America/New York

Attention CCI family and friends, it is with great pleasure to announce to you that the Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice Foundation is honoring our founder Horace Seldon with their Salem Award!  The Foundation awards either a person or organization who "speaks out and takes action to alleviate discrimination, promote tolerance, and achieve justice for contemporary victims of social injustice."  Horace more than meets that qualification.

In case, you missed it! "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?" Reading Frederick Douglass in the Era of Barack Obama

America/New York

Fellow citizens, why am I called upon...

...to speak here today? What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? Do you mean, citizens, to mock me, by asking me to speak today? What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?

The Status of Commutation and Parole in Massachusetts

On the afternoon of May 16 there was a well-attended forum entitled “The Status of Commutation and Parole in Massachusetts” at the Harvard Law School.  The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute of the Harvard University School of Law organized the event.  Community Change, Inc.

THE EDUCATION OF A WHITE PARENT: Wrestling with Race & Opportunity in the Boston Public Schools

06/11/2012 6:00 pm
America/New York

sue's book

Boston YWCA

Kuumba Library

140 Clarendon Street

Boston, MA

RSVP & Questions: 617.523.0555



06/22/2012 You're invited to 30/60/44

06/22/2012 6:00 pm
America/New York


Your presence is presence enough, and if you can, please support Paul and Alexia's work for racial justice by making a one time donation OR becoming a monthly sustainer to Community Change, Inc.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being.

Amidst the negative reactions to Invisible Hands´ Kony 2012 viral human rights campaign video, there appears to be little mention of how the marketing strategies employed by Jason Russell – cofounder and figurehead of Invisible Hands – perpetuate narratives of racial victimization and third world dependency.

Recap: Can we talk about Obama and Race?

"A strong crowd of attendess arrived early to hear from the knowledgable panel members, anticipating a thought-provoking discussion on Monday evening at Suffolk University's Law School. If you were unable to attend the very informative “Obama and race” event presented by Community Change, be sure visit their website to learn about this initial discussion.

Combatting Racism: A workshop with Paul Marcus - Report Back

More than forty people, mostly white, gathered a couple of weeks ago at the Winchester Unitarian Church for a workshop on structural racism.  CCI’s executive director Paul Marcus facilitated most of the three-hour event. 
Paul compared structural racism to the movie The Matrix, in which humans believe they are autonomous individuals but are actually embedded in a malevolent system that they cannot see.

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Community Change was born out of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem." CCI has done what few organizations are willing to do: shine a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source, as well as with its impact on communities of color.

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