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White Screen/White Noise: Racism on the Internet

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This page has been created to support discussion about race, racism and the forms both take in digital spaces. We are hoping to take this discussion to the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, March 2012 with our proposed panel White Screen/White Noise: Racism on the Internet

Please vote for and spread the word about our panel at the above link! Voting ends September 2!

Do we know racism is on the internet? Maybe you've seen it on Facebook, as friends or acquaintances post insensitive, discriminatory, or mocking information. As Lisa Nakamura might describe it - 'enlightened racism' - the notion that one can not possibly be taken seriously as a racist when they state a blatantly racist comment because after all they are your friend and hey, quit taking everything so seriously!

But that kind of racism might be considered interpersonal, the kind that we can concretely define. But what about the structural component? What does structural racism on the Internet look like? How does the web mirror and exacerbate structural racism as it exists in our tangible realities?

Please take a moment to peruse this digital story and our other resources on race, racism and the Internet - letting us know your thoughts!

Racism & the Internet from Rebecca on Vimeo.

A digital story compiled as supporting material for the proposed 2012 SXSW Interactive Panel - White Screen/White Noise: Racism & The Internet.

The following people contributed to the creation of this panel and resource area:

Amy Ferguson

Stacie Williams

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