Responsibilities for Interns

Education: Organization-wide discussions facilitated by CCI staff and guest presenters immerse interns in topics such as affirmative action, racism in education and in health care, the death penalty, and immigrant rights. Print materials and videos from Community Change’s comprehensive Library on Racism are used extensively.

Networking/Community Connections: Interns become involved in learning-through-action by visiting and lending assistance to allied organizations and community activists. They build an understanding of the necessity for cooperation among social justice organizations and develop organizing and facilitation skills as they observe and practice collaboration.

Programming: Interns participate in planning meetings and help implement CCI’s goals. Interns develop skills in and practice the collaborative integration of theory and action.

Reflection: Through writing, discussion, and participation in assessment and evaluation of CCI programming, participants reflect on their activities, as well as on the impact and the implications of their work.

Operations: Interns gain essential knowledge and skill in the “nuts-and-bolts” of running a small nonprofit organization by preparing mailings, answering telephones, and responding to inquiries and requests.