Types Of Internships

At the beginning of any internship, CCI staff works one-on-one with interns to establish learning goals and agreements that meet the particular needs of each intern.

  • Summer Civil Rights Internship: In 1989, CCI created the Civil Rights Internship program to engage high school, college, and graduate students in summer-long anti-racist work. Since then, scores of young scholars and activists have participated in the Internship Program. This is a 6-8 week fulltime program that is currently unfunded. If you are interested in a summer 2016 position with us please contact Shay Stewart-Bouley at shay@communitychangeinc.org or 617-523-0555. Applications are accepted in late winter and early spring.
  • Graduate Level Placement Internships: for students in such graduate fields as social work and intercultural studies who have a specific project in mind. Contact Shay Stewart-Bouley at shay@communitychangeinc.org or 617-523-0555 to set up an interview if you are interested in this possibility.
  • Academic Year Internships: During the academic year, we welcome students who are able to commit to a regular schedule and can continue to work over an extended period.
    • Students must be able to commit for a minimum of 10 hours a week.   If you are interested in an internship during the academic year, please contact shay@communitychangeinc.org or 617-523-0555.