Resources for Justice: Countering Islamophobia*

Islamophobia is a form of racism targeting Muslims and manifests through internalized, interpersonal, cultural and systemic dimensions ranging from individual hate crimes to foreign immigration and security policy. The resources below were compiled to provide context, history and paths toward action as we consider the ways in Islamophobia intersects with our work.

Learn about Islamophobia on interpersonal, cultural and institutional dimensions:

  • Resources from Women Against Islamophobia and Women
  • Resources from the Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia

Take action against and confront Islamophobia:

*Curated by Rebecca Y. Martin, a librarian who’s focus is combatting dis/misinformation as well as a long time supporter of CCI.

These resources were provided by Shannon Erwin:

CAGE, The Science of Pre-Crime: The Secret “Radicalisation” Study Underlying PREVENT:

Dr. Derek Summerfield, Mandating Doctors to Attend Counter-terrorism Workshops is Medically Unethical, British J. Psychiatry:

The Guardian, Anti-Radicalization Strategy Lacks Evidence Based in Science (Open Letter):

Dr. Wes Boyd and Dr. Alice LoCicero (Psychology Today Blog), The Dangers of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Programs:

ACLU of Massachusetts resources on CVE:

Brennan Center for Justice resources on CVE:

CAIR-Minnesota resources on CVE:

Muslim Justice League Resources on CVE:

CAGE resources on PREVENT:

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